St. Peter’s Church, Wearmouth

Fantastic to hear that St. Peter’s Church, Wearmouth has won the ‘Commercial Landscape’ Award at 2016’s Northern Design Awards. As part of this project, Enlighten were commissioned by the council to develop a sophisticated and highly visible lighting scheme to better portray the qualities of the Church on an evening. LED’s were used to help reduce overall maintenance costs but the real impact lies within the contrasting colour temperatures used. Given the age of the monastery, the brief was to define the texture and structure of the Church with enhanced colour rendering, specifically emphasising the West Tower, dating back to 674 AD. A warmer light was used to compliment this most historic element and a cooler light to accentuate certain areas of the remaining Victorian elevations. The end result is something the whole landscaping team can be proud of.

Great to work on a project that brings such civic pride – a huge congratulations to all involved.


Northern Design Awards