Concept Development

Let the creativity beginning

Enlighten believe that a picture paints a thousand words and so we use sketches, diagrams, 3D modelling and on-site trials to illustrate the potential that light can play within your project.

Similarly, the concepts produced in this stage can sometimes help prompt a revision to the brief, if a better solution can be achieved.

This stage involves:

  • A concept design meeting.
  • Discussion of lighting controls and switching arrangements.
  • A site survey after dark.
  • Computer modelling of the existing lighting scheme to verify the light levels provided.
  • Photographs, illustrations and visualisations of potential light fittings and lit effects for consideration.
  • Production of an initial lighting proposal in the form of a layout/plan.
  • Assistance with preparation of defined lighting budget.
  • Comparison of energy usage across the proposed scheme compared to the existing.
  • Production of an initial switching arrangement for discussion.
  • Provision of a concept stage.
1. Scoping & Feasibility
3. Design Development