Realising your creative vision

Dealing with the details and having the ability to make quick decisions on site, helps to avoid delays and prevents additional costs to a work schedule, whilst still ensuring the best results at the end.

Our approved contractors are fully aware of the work and effort involved in creating a lighting scheme and therefore understand the importance of maintaining the design’s integrity throughout the installation process and hold all necessary qualifications to be onsite, including CIS cards, PLASMA, IPAF, Asbestos and height awareness certification.

This stage involves:

  • Installation of the scheme and ensuring the desired outcome is delivered.
  • Supporting the main contractor throughout the installation of our design.
  • ‘Hand holding’, problem solving and assisting with any unforeseen issues.
  • Making sure that we are available to answer questions.
  • Liaising with manufacturers for any additional information required.
  • Undertaking any contingency work, as sometimes things need to change at the last minute, or ‘snags’ are highlighted and we can revise our design if required.


6. Tender Process Support
8. Focusing & Commissioning