Everything you need to bring the design to life

At this stage Enlighten draft and finalise a specification for you, enabling you to submit the proposal, along with other relevant documentation for planning consent (if required) and or include it within a tender document to eventually appoint a contractor to install the new design.

This stage involves:

  • Final layouts of lighting design on working drawings.
  • Schedule of luminaries and associated equipment.
  • Design details for incorporation into the architect’s details.
  • Operational requirements of the switching, control system and control schedule.
  • Determining the most appropriate and cost effective supply route for the purchase of the light fittings.
  • Guidance on the use and aftercare of the scheme.
  • Maintenance schedules.
  • We can advise as to potential up-grade paths or life scale of the new scheme.
4. Technical Design
6. Tender Process Support